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This newsletter and podcast, published once a week, covers a range of news media, journalism and technology subjects, with a focus on Australia and New Zealand. It borrows from my consulting work in public interest journalism funding and education. As the podcast has developed over time, I have come to focus on industry leaders within Australia and New Zealand media.

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It’s free and it’s interesting. News media has been in crisis for more than a decade, and while certain trends are coming to the fore - subscriptions and shakedowns of the digital giants - there is still a great deal of uncertainty. If you have an interest in how news is made, new business models, and public support of news, then you should be subscribing to Crawford Media.

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I’m a media executive, consultant and reporter. See Crawford Media Consulting and The Spinoff.

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Hal Crawford

I have worked in news 25 years, reporting and editing at newspapers, radio stations, digital-only and eventually running a cross-platform newsroom.