Benedict Evans takes news to task



Hello everyone - and happy Friday.

This is the podcast follow-up to this week’s newsletter, and you’ll find it incredibly dense with interesting ideas. Benedict Evans is one of the smartest tech analysts in the world, and in this interview he’s turned his mind to the business of news.

We cover:

  • How the internet not only changed advertising, it changed businesses to the extent that many gave up using advertising, and how that impacts the news industry

  • Subscriptions and how they work for big brands and niche titles

  • Micropayments (hot in Crawford Media land right now)

  • Privacy and cookies

  • King Croesus and oracles

I would advise you to limber up, as Evans is a fast and thorough thinker and his speech matches his thinking. I have chopped out most of my questions in the interests of brevity, and I have edited Evans’ answers in places - for length.

Have a great weekend.