Mar 8, 2022 • 32M

Keep calm and make a plan: Sarah Bristow on news directing

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Hal Crawford
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As noted in this week’s newsletter, the latest Crawford Media podcast is an interview with Sarah Bristow, News Director at Discovery in New Zealand.

Bristow is a former colleague and an interesting character: I wanted to ask how she’s finding things, the practical difficulties trying to transition from TV to digital (still happening, even if the story is old), and what it’s like to lead a 24-hour national newsroom. I was Bristow’s predecessor, when Discovery was not on the scene and the operation was owned by Mediaworks, so the kinds of questions I ask her are informed by my experience.

As you’ll hear, Sarah is open in her emotional reactions. She talks about the sense of spreading herself too thin and feeling as though she’s failing everyone. She also talks with great pride of the achievements of her Newshub newsroom and the security that has come with ownership by a global media brand.

Next week on the podcast: I finally get a chance to pick apart news music - you know, evening bulletin themes etc. - in an interview with a guy who I think could accurately be described as the world’s biggest news music fan. 

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